Educational Talks

We provide a range of talks on topics such as British Wildlife, Birds of Prey and Owls.  These talks can be tailored to suit requirements and are designed to meet the criteria of the keystage 5 - 14 curriculum.  We always illustrate our talks with real birds and animals which gives a greater learning experience by capturing the attention of the students whether they are children or adults.

Ten Day Course - Intermediate Level

This course is designed particularly for people wishing to take up falconry or work with birds of prey.  The first 5 days cover all the knowledge for the award as above.  The remaining 5 days can then be tailored to suit the individuals needs.  This can include specific training techniques for the preferred species, flying free, fitness and conditioning and hunting

Two Day Course - A basic introduction

This is a basic introduction to birds of prey management and husbandry giving an insight into what is involved in caring for and flying a bird of prey.  It is intended for those who are considering taking up falconry or those who just wish to know a little more of what is involved.

Five Day Course - Beginning Falconry

This course covers all the knowledge for all aspects of bird of prey management and husbandry up to flying a bird free.  It is a formal award for those new to falconry as well as more experienced falconers who want to demonstrate that they meet the minimum standard.  The award is given on satisfactory completion of work and demonstration of competence in all areas.  Completion of this work and achievement of competence can be assessed quickly and efficiently as part of your course.

Educational Talks

We provide illustrated educational talks on birds of prey, owls and British wildlife for schools, colleges and groups of all descriptions bringing along our birds and animals giving the opportunity for them to be seen at really close quarters.  


Bird of Prey Management Courses

We also provide bird of prey management courses from a 2 day introductory experience to a 10 day more advanced course.  If you are thinking of getting your own bird or just want to learn a little more about bird of prey management then our courses will give you all the information you need.